Multitude of processes and their possible combinations underlie the range of services we offer.

Our automatic log slitter can produce specific width rolls with high accuracy and quick turn around. Cutting width ranges from 1.0mm to 1400mm, with achievable tolerance of +/- 0.15mm, depending on material type and roll diameter.

We can combine pressure-sensitive tapes with non-adhesive substrates to produce a variety of self-adhesive materials, which are not readily available from manufacturers. These unique constructions are then supplied or processed further in either roll or sheet form.

Flat-bed die cutting
An efficient and cost effective method to produce smaller quantities of less complex parts. The desired form is cut by a high accuracy steel rule die, that is supported by a synthetic board. Kiss cut, through cut and combination of them are all feasible. Thicker (up to 20mm) foamed materials can also be processed.

Rotary die cutting
The method of choice to produce larger quantities of more complex parts. Our multi-station press can utilize a set of rotary cutting tools working in unision to provide multiple layer parts in varied presentation forms.

Platen press
Its robust force and large working area provide the solution when it comes to handle more rigid plastics and larger shapes, or when simultaneous cutting of several parts is required.